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Within our product line Walki®Pack, Walki has developed a range of barrier boards specially designed for the folding carton market. By using barrier boards the need for inner wrapping for foodstuffs is largely reduced. Thereby also the amount of packaging needed is reduced, with a positive environmental impact as a consequence. Walki®Pack is typically used for applications for direct food contact and for non-food packages in end-use sectors like frozen food, fresh food, non food, detergent, pet food, menu trays and lids, cosmetic, beverages and  Read more ›

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Walki®Pack Chill

Made from a choice of sustainable and renewable or recycled carton boards, Walki®Pack Chill is a one side polymer coated material which is designed to either protect the pack contents from the external environment or to protect the pack from moisture or grease from the product itself.
A wide variety of suitable baseboards and polymer coatings can be applied to enable optimum protection and performance. Used in ambient or chilled conditions where extra protection and shelf life is required, Walki®Pack Chill products can be glued, window patched or heat sealed if required.Typical end uses, sandwich packs, biscuits, header cards, dividers and confectionary cartons.

Walki®Pack Chill

Walki®Pack Chill

Also available as Walki®Pack Chill

Case story : Tear strip

Walki®Pack Chill

Walki®Pack Chill & Frost Plus

Is a two side polymer coated packaging board. Here, the extra protection of a fully printable polymer gloss or matt finished coating offers extra security, heat sealability and long term moisture protection for sensitive frozen foods. Walki®Pack Frost Plus can be hot melt glued or heat sealed for efficiency. Typical end uses are for products whose storage can be as low as - 40 C but may require a barrier up to 90 C.

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